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Why eat Organic and what are Organic Foods?

Organic farming protects the delicate balance in nature.

 Organic Farming & Pest Control Bromyard & Hereford


  • Whatever your definition of 'organic', by eating Organically produced food you can protect yourself from synthetic chemicals and fertilisers used in conventional farming.
  • Taste! Organic growers often choose varieties selected for flavour rather than yields. Don't take our word for it, try our produce and see for yourself!
  • We provide you with locally grown food, many of the UK vegetables we supply are grown near Leominster at Broadward Hall farm.
  • Because Organic growers don't use nasty sprays to kill all of the insects around their crops, it helps to encourage biodiversity, preserve wildlife habitats and improve soil.
  • Organic farmers treat their livestock ethically, providing for their behavioural and physiological needs.

What is 'Organic'?

Organic farming uses benign techniques such as biological pest control, crop rotation and green manures rather than synthetic chemical fertilisers or pesticides to produce the crops we eat.


The farmers and growers who farm organically whether in the UK or abroad are certified by one of many Organic certification bodies, the most well known in this country is the Soil Association.

We believe your food should be vibrant and interesting!

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