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Help the Environment

  • As a supplier of Organic produce we have a duty of care to the environment. All of our suppliers are certified Organic to protect the land, wildlife and biodiversity of their local area.  By not spraying pesticides we are helping local bee populations to survive. 

Organic farming and the environment in Herefordshire

  • In order to grow crops naturally, we have to ensure we retain nutrients and carbon in the soil to maintain the soil structure on our land.  Better nutrients in the soil means tastier veggies for you!
  • As we are a local company, our vegetables don't have to travel far to get to you thus reducing food miles.
  • Where we import we maintain a "no air freight" policy thus limiting the carbon footprint of your delivery.
  • If you would like to know more about the value to the environment of growing organic food please visit the Soil Association website at
  • We like to help the environment so we use cardboard boxes and paper bags as packaging - not masses of plastic & cling film!
  • We also recycle our bags and boxes for as long as they are usable.  To help us with this we would be grateful if you could leave your used bags and boxes out for collection when your next delivery is due.

 Organic Veg Box Delivery Ledbury and Bromyard, Herefordshire

 For more information & facts about organic food please visit the Soil Association.